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Still collecting rent in person or receiving rent checks through the mail? 
With Rent Accept, your residents can pay their rent from the comfort of their own home.

We will work with you to find a solution that works best FOR YOU!

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Rent Accepts ability to integrate with major software platforms makes implementation easy. It is, now, easier than ever before to complete processing and post payments to the ledger. You can now save time, minimize inefficiencies, and have your staff focus more on your residents and day to day operations. We offer a wide range of payment solutions that makes not only paying rent simple and secure, but also application fees, deposit fees, administrative fees, reservation fees, and more! Give your residents the freedom to pay the way they prefer, whether it be online, cash, credit cards, or ACH. 

Property Managers

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Rent Accept streamlines the process of your rent payments and other fees like security deposits, application fees, administrative fees, reservation fees and more! With Rent Accept, you will receive a premium reporting to best analyze your business. 



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Rent Accept offers you the ability to make payments on time, from anywhere. You can make payments via debit card, credit card, ACH, and cash. Set it and forget it! Set your payments to Auto-Pay and never miss a rent payment again! No more late fees. No more stress. 

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By removing the acceptance of payments from the office, you reduce the risk and opportunity for theft and fraud. With Rent Accept, 
insufficient payments will not be processed; therefore, you are not
wasting your time attempting to 
process check with no available funds.


Processing mistakes can negatively impact revenue. With Rent Accept, you will reduce your time spent collecting and processing payments each month. With more time, now your on-site staff can focus on leasing and renewals in order to drive revenue. 


At Rent Accept, we ensure that
compliance policies are up to date with the ever changing federal and state laws regulating rent payments.
Our attention to detail will keep you compliant and issue-free. 

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